Heritage Nanny believes that every family deserves an amazing nanny/caregiver/household personnel.

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    Alberta’s Best Nanny Agency

    Since 2012, we have set the standard for excellence and placed nannies and caregivers in the homes of Canadians across the country. We connect exceptional nannies and caregivers with families seeking quality care for their loved ones. Our services have helped families find local and overseas nannies and caregivers across Canada. Heritage Nanny is a fully licensed recruitment firm. We represent fully trained professionals with an exceptional level of skills in care-giving.

    We understand the importance of top-notch help in your household. Whether you are looking for a nanny for your children or caregiver for your parents, or household staff. You can rest assured, Heritage Nanny will only provide the finest candidates with the required abilities, the appropriate employment experience, and excellent credentials to meet your needs.

    We provide you with everything needed to make the right decision about your domestic help. You will receive an employment history and education (a resume) before we arrange for a phone or personal interview.

    Our Relationship with You

    Heritage Nanny is one of the largest, most trusted nanny agency in Alberta. We serve a clientele that deserves the absolute best for their families. When you rely on the Heritage Nanny Experience, you can expect reliability, highly personalized and immediate service, and the best professionals in the field. You will find that:

    • Our phone calls are answered and/or returned promptly
    • We will not use an online selection process
    • Our candidates are those ranking in the top ten percent of their field
    • We maintain office hours 5 days a week for your convenience
    • Our family of dedicated, passionate, and caring professionals will deliver
    • The only agency that supplies local nannies/caregivers
    • On-going employment assistance to nannies/caregivers
    • No fees/obligations for a personal consultation to assess your family’s requirements​
    • ​​We provide friendly customer service, reliable, reputable, and trusted services.
    • We listen and understand your concerns and needs and follow them as requested.
    • We take pride in keeping our client’s records confidential
    • We are honest and committed to the highest integrity of professionalism
    • We take pride in providing long-term commitment with services such as ongoing follow-ups as well as mediation if conflicts arise. We provide this to our clients for the duration that the caregiver, nanny or household staff is working with the family.
    • We only provide caregivers, nannies and household staff that are committed to providing a long-term service to our clients (as per clients requirements). ​
    • Follow-up after placement

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